Origin: Brazil
Cup Score: 83.5
Preparation: Natural
Harvest: July – September

Cup Profile: Sweet Orange Acidity, Almond, Praline & Chocolate

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Information About Our Coffee

Fazenda Ouro Verde (Green Gold Farm) is one of four farms owned by the Naimeg group.  A family business headed up by the founder Gerson Naimeg.  Gerson, the son of a German settler and Brazilian mother, established his first farm in 1965 when he bought a small plot of land in Uba located in northern Parana.  Like many others, he and his family moved to the Cerrado to avoid the annual threat of frost and now they have four farms in the region.

Fazenda Ouro Verde is around 130 hectares in size with 100 hectares set aside for coffee and is located near the city of Patos de Minas, at an altitude of approx. 1000meters above sea level.  The coffee is machine harvested before being laid out on the patios to dry for 7 to 10 days until the correct moisture level is reached.

Once dry the parchment coffee is put into ‘tulhas’ (large wooden vats), where the moisture and flavour is allowed to even out during the resting period.  Finally, just prior to shipment, it is dry milled and sorted to remove any defect beans before being packed into 60kg jute bags lined with grain pro to protect the quality of the coffee during transit and storage.

In line with Brazilian law, 20% of the land at Fazenda Ouro Verde is given over to a nature reserve where indigenous plants provide a habitat for wildlife.  This coupled with the social standards which have been established for the people that work the land, has led to Rainforest Alliance certification for the farm.