Decaf Coffee


Origin: Brazil
Cup Score: 83
Process: Decaf
Varietal: Mundo Novo

Cup Profile: Peach, plum & caramel with a smooth praline body

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Information About Our Decaf Coffee

Situated with the back drop of the Tres Pontas (three point) mountains this farm has been in the care of Antonio Vitor Archanjo since 1998 when he was finally able to purchase his own land and coffee farm.

Antonio had begun his life in coffee by working on a farm in a nursery and at this point the seed was sown for him to one day own his own farm. With the size of the farm Antonio has the help of 5 families who all live in house on the farm and work throughout the whole year for him with all steps of the coffee cycle.

They are able harvest mechanically and usually begin the harvest and in May/June as the farm is situated at slightly lower altitudes. A large amount of the coffee on the farm is processed as a pulped natural as Antonio had invested in the farm to buy processing equipment and mechanical driers. With the care and attention shown to the coffee they are able to produce excellent coffees even though they may not to be at the most optimal altitudes.

This natural lot was selected as it showed the extra flavour and characteristics to elevate into a specialty Brazil coffee. The coffee will have been picked and separated before being dried on a patio for three days and then finished in a mechanical drier at a controlled and regulated temperature. After this the coffee is then milled and cleaned before being delivered to the cooperative.